Zhihang OU, China

Born in 1958 in Guangzhou, China., Ou Zhihang is a TV producer, anchor and artist. He took up photography in 1970s and graduated from the Department of Political Sciences of South China Normal University in 1985. He founded and hosted China’s first fashion program, “Vogue Express”, in 1994, and was awarded the Silver Prize of the National Emcee Competition “The Golden Microphone Award” in 1997. He won the title of “China’s Best Fashion Photographer” in 2003. He started the conceptual performances of “Ou-style Push-up” around 2000. In 2008, “See and Been Seen” featuring “Ou-style Push-up” was launched and became a sensation because of its cultural and social significance, attracting strong attention from home and abroad. Thanks to the almost crazy following by the media and numerous netizens, the individual art performance has been transformed into a public sign with unique meanings. In 2009, another series, “The Moment”, combining “Ou-style Push-up” and major social events in China since the beginning of the 21st century, was widely acclaimed by critics and academics. Few works of contemporary art, in particular in the field of conceptual photography, have the influence and popularity of Ou’s works among the public and academics alike. “Ou-style Push-up”, as Ou’s personal signature, has developed into a social phenomenon, encouraging the public to reflect on all these news events referred to in his works. Ou’s works are his completely personal way of intervening with society with contemporary art as the medium. Ou’s winning of the 53rd WPP Contest with his “Ou-style Push-up” works is considered a sign of China’s opening up and the changes in the mentalities of the Chinese public. The interaction between personal expression and public events is vital for China’s social progress. Ou Zhihang’s series of works featuring “Ou-style Push-up” “record China's rapid changes in an intensive, ‘crazy’ manner.” (“China Daily”), thus breaking out of the boundaries of art and becoming a unique witness to China’s history and reality.





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