Karolina MAGNUSSON-MURRAY, United Kingdom

Artists Statement:
I see my work as a process of experimentation where each experiment and project informs the larger whole. The individual experiments seem to stem from thoughts and questions that are not fully formed. I see these experiments not just as research, but as part of an experimental approach to making art, where the process of researching is also the work itself. This approach attempts to re-examine the importance placed upon a final outcome, a final piece of work, a finale performance or solid whole, striving to destabilize the rigid parameters of how we perceive, and what we expect to get out of an art work; in a sense a form of live performative experimentation. This process of working/researching/experimenting also lends itself to, and often becomes autobiographical. These experiments often stem from an intuitive sense of materiality and displacement, and at times I attempt to displace or decenter my own subjectivity; psychologically through psycho-dramatic performances/videos and long term role play, and metaphorically in a physical way, through using or creating technological devices, crude mechanisms and displacement tools, (which, in a sense, pull the “internal out”, pulling out or separating “self from self”,) in an attempt to objectify the subject and disconnect action from the cause. This, in turn, leads to an exploration of human development, of our internal/external technologies, of learning mechanisms in terms of causal modes, and emergent properties, such as symbol systems/language and their disjunctive, formulative and manipulative qualities and capabilities. I see my work in terms of Live performative experimentation, connected to an extended subject of performance, confronting, skirting and questioning the parameters of the subject, often blurring the boundaries of life and art, exploring disconnection, interactivity and dislocation and shaping work that often confronts the abject, dark and often assaulting undertones of human existence.






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Karolina MAGNUSSON-MURRAY, United Kingdom

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